Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Roxas WIP

Since I hadn't painted in over a week, I decided to just scribble some fanart to get me warmed up enough to start working on the Empress again, but I've become FAR more serious about this piece than I usually am for fanart. It's not done yet, in fact this is the only part that isn't irritating me at the moment (Face only, not the keyblades. They're still pissing me off.)

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I actually like this SO MUCH that I made it as my LJ default icon. I haven't changed my icon in over two years so... yeah, that's like a big deal for me. It's a little weird though having a boy as my icon. It kind of makes me feel like a boy. A sad angry boy. Aww Roxas ;.;

KH fans should be able to tell what scene this is by the fact that he is carrying Oblivion and Oathkeeper (wink wink nudge nudge.) It's actually my favorite scene from all the games, which is a good thing since it can be found in practically all of them. >>; Oathkeeper isn't any trouble to paint, but Oblivion is a bitch, particularly when painted at an angle. Out of all the keyblades though, these two are definitely my favorites. I was ambivalent towards them until I read Nomura's notes on them that the head part of the keys are the kanji "hikari" and "yami" ("light" and "darkness") respectively. I didn't even notice! So now when I play I always prefer those two even if they aren't the strongest...

Friday, June 19, 2009

FOOL - 0

FOOL - 0

My idea for The Fool came from concentrating on the trickster/madman aspect. I didn't want to have the typical jester kind of fool that you always see, though I did set out to reflect a part of that aspect (mainly in the clothing.) Also, because The Fool represents the protagonist of a story, I wanted the character to be neither male nor female. Or perhaps both. Or whatever the viewer wishes to see. So I cast him (I still say "him" though) as a sexless figure.

My current project is working on all of the Major Arcana. I hope you enjoy!

A new journey...

For years I've had an art website, all nice and slick to showcase my work. But you know what? I found it boring. There is no way to interact with people who see my art, no way to read what they've thought and get feedback.

I had already been running a personal blog, and was able to get feedback from friends, and I realized that it would be perfect to set up a blog for art only (so you don't have to read rants on my personal life) a place where I'll post anything and everything I sketch.

And this is that blog (after doing some research and finding that everyone recommends Blogger!) I will be most be posting original fantasy art, art rants, recommendations, and the occasional fanart (for various books and games.)

I hope you'll like what you see here!