Monday, November 9, 2009

Gil Wulfenbach...?

My current project! Or at least, a small section of my current project. I've been frustrated with painting lately because I've wanted to do something more ... "dynamic". My pictures? Not very dynamic. Colorful yes, pretty yes, dynamic? Not so much.

edit: So yeah, while I was posting this I kept feeling it was wrong wrong WRONG and so spent probably two hours fixing what I felt was wrong with his face. What you see up there is not what I originally posted. It is much much different.

So, just for kicks:

I hope you like the new version as much as I do!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Soulless sketch


A quick sketch I did for my book review of Soulless. It's definitely my best so far that I've done for these reviews. The book's MC has the power to neutralize vampires and other supernatural beings, a power that she could use to kill them easily. She also is never without her trusty brass parasol, which she uses as a weapon (along with other various implements.) I thought the image of taking out a vampire with a parasol hilarious, and knew I must draw it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A few sketches

Like I said, I have been working on quick sketches, so I thought I'd post some of those.



Forest Librarian

Forest Librarian


Queen Mab

The last image is something I did for my book review blog that I decided to start up. The unique thing about the reviews will the the illustration that I will draw based on book that has been reviewed. I hope it will be an interesting experience.




I'm going to make an effort to update this blog daily, even if it is just with an old painting like this one. It's been difficult the past couple of months, with a creative block the size of a mountain impeding all of my painting efforts. I've been sketching daily to help myself work through it, but unfortunately I haven't been able to set myself quite right. I'll post a few of my sketches at least, even if I can't put up any full fledged paintings.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bayonetta contest.

I decided to enter the Bayonetta contest and this is my final image for submission!


Since you can't see the details all the well in the small picture I decided to post a large one as well!

Bayonetta has big... guns.

I like how a lot of the details turned out on this image, but I really feel I could have made it more dramatic. It's not nearly as exciting as it could be, which is why it won't win. I don't even think I'll get runner up. Still, it was fun to work on, and I'm fairly happy with the final product.

I've been having issues with my flow of creativity of late, and nothing is coming out right (hence why I haven't posted anything on here for awhile.) I'm planning on posting up some of my older work to keep this blog busy until I feel the spark again!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roxas in the Dark City

Roxas in the Dark City (small)

I seem to be in a fan art mood this year, as I have several pieces in the works. This is Roxas from the Kingdom Hearts series of video games, which I started painting after finishing 358/2 Days. It took me about 50 hours of work and several weeks of procrastinating, but I finally finished it! I almost thought I wasn't going to. I'm not used to doing such detailed works, but I wanted to get ever small detail correct from the charm on Oathkeeper to the Castle that Never Was in the sky. It's so detailed in fact I recommend looking at the larger version rather than the one above, it doesn't do it justice:

Roxas in the Dark City (large)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Roxas WIP

Since I hadn't painted in over a week, I decided to just scribble some fanart to get me warmed up enough to start working on the Empress again, but I've become FAR more serious about this piece than I usually am for fanart. It's not done yet, in fact this is the only part that isn't irritating me at the moment (Face only, not the keyblades. They're still pissing me off.)

wip,roxas,kingdom hearts,art,fanart

I actually like this SO MUCH that I made it as my LJ default icon. I haven't changed my icon in over two years so... yeah, that's like a big deal for me. It's a little weird though having a boy as my icon. It kind of makes me feel like a boy. A sad angry boy. Aww Roxas ;.;

KH fans should be able to tell what scene this is by the fact that he is carrying Oblivion and Oathkeeper (wink wink nudge nudge.) It's actually my favorite scene from all the games, which is a good thing since it can be found in practically all of them. >>; Oathkeeper isn't any trouble to paint, but Oblivion is a bitch, particularly when painted at an angle. Out of all the keyblades though, these two are definitely my favorites. I was ambivalent towards them until I read Nomura's notes on them that the head part of the keys are the kanji "hikari" and "yami" ("light" and "darkness") respectively. I didn't even notice! So now when I play I always prefer those two even if they aren't the strongest...